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3rd Nail Installation

3rd Nail Installation

Florida Hurricane Retrofit brings their 3rd nail retrofit solutions to Martin County, Palm Beach, and homeowners on Florida’s southeast coast.


Starting in 2012, Florida began enforcing building codes for residential homes due to severe wind damage caused by tropical storms. Additionally, the state requires insurance companies to offer discount credits to homeowners who meet these wind mitigation standards. 


While hurricane clips and straps are common among most homes along the coast, older homes do not always meet the appropriate building code standard. 


The addition of 3rd nail to existing hurricane straps not only offers additional credit from insurance companies, but also reinforces your roof’s endurance against strong tropical winds. 


Roofing contractors do not typically offer 3rd nail retrofit installation, but Florida Hurricane Retrofit specializes in retrofit mitigation solutions. 


We are committed to delivering quality, insured work to our customers, which is why we guarantee results. 


Contact us today for a free quote and discover our superior customer service.

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