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Roof-to-Wall Attachment

Roof-to-Wall Attachment

Florida Hurricane Retrofit proudly serves Martin County, Palm Beach and Florida’s eastern coast with high-quality wind mitigation retrofit solutions that reinforce roof–to–wall attachments.


Roof-to-wall attachments, also known as roof-to-wall connections, or hurricane clips, straps, and wraps are imperative to transferring intense negative uplift pressure from the roof into the building’s vertical load bearing walls. 


This is crucial in safeguarding your home’s roof and the roof components, such as its roof deck and trusses. 


Insurance companies rate roof-to-wall attachments from strongest to weakest connection type. Once you receive your wind mitigation inspection, Florida Hurricane Retrofit can assess the areas that need improvement. 


As Certified General Contractors, we deliver guaranteed results for homeowners that normal roof contractors are not qualified to do. Normal roof contractors lack work ethic and consideration for the home. However, the retrofitting process that Florida Hurricane Retrofit performs is typically done through the attic and soffit areas of the home in a single day. 


Additionally, we offer free quotes for wind mitigation upgrades. 


Call us today at 772-501-4613 and let us show you why we are customer service award–winning roof retrofitters for wind mitigation.

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