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Hurricane Clip Installation

Hurricane Clip Installation

Florida Hurricane Retrofit is here to help by delivering high-quality, licensed, and insured hurricane clip installation. 


We provide hurricane clip installation from Brevard County down through Miami-Dade and counties along Florida’s southeastern coast such as Martin County and Palm Beach.


If your home was built before 2012, it’s likely not up to state building codes that were adopted after Hurricane Andrew. 


Clips are one of the main types of roof-to-wall attachments that qualify for an insurance credit. By updating your home to current hurricane clip standards, you provide added protection from hurricane wind damage. 


This service is not usually offered by general roofing companies, and can typically be completed with your roof on. Having a licensed insured company complete your roof-to-wall retrofit  guarantees the work will meet current standards to protect your home and provide years of savings on insurance.

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